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Watch the video for an overview of Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge Teachers' website. Learn how the site can help you be a better teacher.
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Teacher Accreditation at London Bridge Center

October 20-21, 2017 - London, ON


Clearly presented and technically accurate material is a necessary part of a first rate lesson program. The Better Bridge materials have a proven track record.


The methodology includes a teaching philosophy, represented by the acronym STEAM, and two methods for implementation, referred to as Cards-on-the-Table and Presentation Options.


In this section we provide an overview on how to think about marketing and offer some useful resources for those teachers using the Better Bridge material.

News & Views - The Better Bridge Teachers' Newsletter

The Newsletter covers topics such as book reviews; education philosophy; teachers’ equipment; product updates; profiles and more. Visit News & Views

Audrey reviews "M Train" by Patti Smith, has a telephone interview with Jane Rice, and interviews Bonnie Newton in Iowa, after teaching a group of 100 absolute beginners using Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction.

Professional Development

Here we pose a question, post a video, a book review or article, and invite teachers to comment. The ideas raised could have an impact on our teaching. Visit Professional Development

Watch the following video and think about how the teaching methods on display relate to the bridge teacher.